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Dont Lick - Anti Chew Spray for Dogs

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Even your dog is chewing everything that you own?! 😫

We feel you, dogs are lovely, and we get them the best toys out there but why do they always have to chew the slippers or the newspaper? WHY?!😪

Thus, we worked tirelessly, and finally, made a solution! The Don't Chew Spray!

This spray is amazing, we aren't tooting our own horn but trust us, this spray is awesome, and would now be the reason for the safety of your earphones, newspapers, shoes, etc.

We understand, you might be wondering, how does it work? Is it even safe for my dog? 

Absolutely! It is completely safe for your dog, how dare you judge us on that Shanaya!(just an imaginary name, please don't get offended if you're Shanaya, pls. sorry.) 

Okay, but on a serious note, this product is completely safe to use for dogs, and primary ingredients are natural extracts.

But how to use it?

Simply spray it on the object which your dog chews, the smell and taste will repel the dog from chewing the object. 

Once you do this consistently over a period of days, the dog will learn not to chew the object anymore.

Always give positive reinforcement in form of treats, toys, etc. when the dog behaves in desired way.

Note: This is a new product, hence the availability of stock is low.

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